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Foldable Building

The Oz-ger, foldable building is an all new Australian innovation in transportable dwelling & office spaces where emergency rapid/ multiple buildings are required. While others have started a revolution in flat packed furniture, the Oz-ger has started its own revolution in being able to deliver up to 4 times the amount of portable structures at a time.

BAC manufactures a variety of panels according to our customer requirements including: 

  • Laminate only panel
  • Variety of colours
  • Proprietary two tone gelcoat finish
  • Panels with core thickness options for stiffness and rigidity
  • Sizes up to 3.3 x 16 metres

Caravan a Composite Side Panel

BAC has 2 panel tables each

  • BAC Advanced Composites Technologies is equipped with two Class A Surface Finish Panel Tables in our 2500m2 factory.
  • We have the flexibility to manufacture a wide range of panel sizes up to 16m x 3m or larger on request. 
  • Panel thickness from 2.5mm to 200mm or greater. 
  • Insulated and Multi coloured panels available.
  • We have two 3 Axis CNC Milling machines for precision cutting and tooling manufacturing. 
  • The 10 metre CNC Table allows complete panels to be cut including door and window locations for reduced assembly time.