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Volvo Components

BAC's contract with Mack Trucks is for the creation of their cab bonnets. BAC's quality of work and efficiency helps Mack Trucks Australia provide world-class products to the road transport industry. BAC conducts assembly from component parts, repairs of existing bonnets, and the manufacture of new looking compartments for development of new models. At BAC's factory, there is also the capability to post-cure compartments in an large computer-controlled area.

Along with the production of composite cab bonnets for Mack Trucks, BAC has also supplied bonnets to Volvo. A revised build of the bonnets, posed some difficulties in the modelling and moulding of the new parts, however these were quickly overcome with the use of our engineering knowledge combined with the expertise of the Volvo team.

  • Redesign 
  • CNC tooling manufacture 
  • Reduced jig requirement
  • Finish gel coat