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Pedestrian boardwalks utilising leading edge fibre composite technology and innovative construction design.

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Pedestrian Bridges

BAC Technologies have completed the design, manufacture, certification and installation of several one-piece fibre composite pedestrian bridges using state of the art infusion techniques.

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Timber Bridge Rehabilitation


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Modular Fibre Composite Architectural Structures

BAC Advanced Composites Technologies utilised its 3D design and CNC milling machines to manufacture a series of moulds to build modular Fibre Composite (FC) sunshades that are light-weight, corrosion resistant and insulated to provide insulation to all the windows on the building.

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Corrosion Market

We have gained widespread recognition in the FRP industry including the corrosion market with major contracts in Queensland and Western Australia for large (up to 15.5metre x 7.5 metre) copper and nickle processing tanks. 

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FRP Anti Corrosive Barriers and Baffles

BAC Advanced Composites Technologies developed an innovative anti-corrosive barrier most suited to acidic environment at temperatures up to 60C. This prolongs the life of the tanks to 15 years with minimal maintenance required with six monthly inspections.

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