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FRP Anti Corrosive Barriers and Baffles

The Problem

Corrosion in tanker prior to FRP Lining

FRP Baffles installed in a lined tanker

  • The lining of Metal Tankers carrying corrosive materials were rusting out in a short time frame.
  • Metal Baffles used in tankers carrying corrosive materials had short life spans. 

The Solution

  • BAC Advanced Composites Technologies developed an innovative anti-corrosive barrier most suited to acidic environment at temperatures up to 60C. This prolongs the life of the tanks to 15 years with minimal maintenance required with six monthly inspections.
  • We also developed FRP Baffles for use inside tankers. These also have a life span of 15 years with minimal maintenance required. The FRP Anti-Corrosive Barrier can be applied to new and existing tankers and holding vessels. BAC Advanced Composites Technologies is equipped with a 2000sqm enclosed Factory including an environmentally controlled workshop allowing for all weather conditions.