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Case Studies

Brisbane's City Cat

BAC completed all composite componentry, which included the side bulwarks, walls, floors, interior seating, toilet cubicles, wheelhouse, roof and bonnet, for Brisbane's City Cats. 

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Crusader Cat

The crusader catamaran is a luxury 17 metres motor sailor with a beam of 7.4 metres. The boat can also be produced as a 6.5 metre beam power catamaran, or could be produced using the same hull mould to provide an excellent sports fishing or commercial passenger boat. 

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South Pacific House Boats

South Pacific Home Cruisers was formed to manufacture both rental and privately owned luxury 17 metre (56 ft) houseboats. BAC was selected to manufacture the major components of upper deck and bulwarks, side panels and Targa top.

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Perry Cat

This 43 Foot Resin Infused Catamaran is One of the Largest Manufactured in Queensland.

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Dambuster 380

The Dambuster 380 is the state of the art fishing/recreational boat. The resin infused patented hull design provides greater stability & efficiency comined with its light weight design is approx 80 Kg (45%) lighter than a similar ‘Tinny.’ 

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Astra 2

We have produced a number of hulls and decks for powerboats for several companies over the past 15 years. 

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Collins Class Submarine

The Collins Class submarines' need was for externally mounted casings with the often conflicting requirements of high strength and low weight. BAC was chosen by the Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) to undertake the design and build of the 11 sections of casings covering the full length of the 78metre submarine. 

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