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Medical Transport Equipment

We specialise in the design and construction of a Neonatal Retrieval System suitable for the transport of critically-ill neonates by road ambulance, fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft from a trauma point to an appropriate hospital. 

It is our aim to provide to customers, products which meet all their requirements and in addition, remain competitive in the market place. 

The quality and reliability of our products are the concern of every person in the organisation, from upper management to each individual employee.

We manufacture products, the quality of which will ensure customer satisfaction and also will conform to both market and regulatory standards. 

Our commitment is to continuously improve quality and service standards through a “Life Dependent” approach. This commitment is reflected in the production of each and every product we produce.

The Mansell Neonatal Retrieval System (MNRS) comprises a Neosled which features the Neocot, Power Supply Unit and all the necessary life-support systems together with a patented electronic lifting system. Some of the features can be seen below.