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The Neosled

Lightweight Strength

The Neosled is made from aircraft-grade aluminum making it exceptionally light.

Universal Power Supply

The Power Supply Unit integrated into the Neosled supports standard 240V AC, 12V from a road ambulance, 24V from an aircraft or 12V from its two internal battery packs. This allows the system to be connected to any power source available.

The Neocot

Computerised Control System

The temperature control of the Neocot is handled by an embedded microcontroller which is constantly varying the heater power to ensure a uniform temperature throughout the Neocot.

Failure Protection

In the event of a major system malfunction, the Neocot can still be heated using its integrated radiant heater system. This system is fully independent of the Neocot electronics.

Easy Access

The Neocot features a removable drawer and mattress to allow for easy preparation of the neonate before transport.

One Neocot, Two Patients

Twins can be positioned in the Neocot with ease.



The Mansell Power Lifter (MPL)

Positive Locking

Industry standard Lifeport Clipdeck locking blocks ensure simple and secure locking of the Neosled or any other Clipdeck compatible devices.

Infinite Control

The MPL, with its patented electronic lifting system, can assume any height from as little as 270mm to about 1000mm, using no more than a fingertip to control.