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Plug & Mould

BAC Technologies has manufactured countless plugs and moulds for a variety of different industries. Our experience in creating moulds ranges from small and Intricate moulds to large scale, complex parts. Utilising the capabilities of both of our 3 axis CNC machines as well as the experience and expertise of our qualified fibre composite technicians, BAC can offer accurate and high quality pulgs and moulds to every cutomers set requirements or wishes.

Mould production of boat hull

Preparation of mining duct mould

Recreational houseboat plug manufacture

BAC have undertaken various plug & mould jobs with the following esteemed clients on a regular basis:

- Volvo
- Yamaha
- Caledon Coal
- Mack Trucks
- Plus many more

BAC produced Mack Truck bonnet 2 part moulds


Further plug & mould information:

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