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About Us

Your Composite Fibre Dream Makers:

BAC Technologies Pty Ltd is a 100% privately-owned Australian company which was formed to further the work in Fibre Composite design and manufacture.

BAC has two additional business units that operate from the same site.

Neocot™ or ‘Mansell Infant Retrieval System’, is a world leading solution for the intensive care transport of premature or critically ill infants from a trauma point to a major hospital, using patient transport modalities such as road ambulances, fixed or rotary wing aircraft.

Felco Manufacturing are the industry leaders in the manufacture of stronger safer composite fibre road tanker solutions for potable water, road watering or dense liquid and chemical transport.

With literally decades of experience and refined skills, we look forward partnering with you and to take your idea and develop it to its fullest potential.


We are proud of our history and we are excited about the future for composite fibre technology and construction.

Doesn't your idea deserve to have this sort of advantage?

History Makers:

We've earned an outstanding place in the world and a couple of standout projects demonstrate why.


Based on its experience in a number of fields, the company has developed and/or manufactures a number of innovative fibre composite products, including a collapsible building and a Mobile Intensive-care unit called the Mobile Intensive-care Rescue Facility (MIRF).


These products are the result of a significant amount of R&D activity over a number of years and the build of a number of scale models and prototypes.

Why a Collapsible Building?


A significant shortfall of the existing temporary, or pre-fabricate buildings is that a separate truck is required to transport each single building.


They are also usually non-insulated, making their use difficult in hot environments. Recognising these shortcomings, we developed a collapsible fire composite building that has integral insulation by means of the construction of foam-cored wall and roof panels, while making the building collapsible to allow for up to 3 units to be shipped on a single vehicle.


The uniqueness of the concept has been recognised by the granting of patents in both Australia and New Zealand.

The application for this unit is wide ranging, however, significant markets are seen in the mining and construction fields, while its ease of erection and transportability, including probably air transportation, will make it ideal for military and disaster relief operations, as well as for emergency accommodation.

A Mobile Intensive-Care Rescue Facility (MIRF)...

BAC Advanced Composites Technologies has developed and/or manufactures the life saving 'Mobile Intensive-care unit' often  called the Mobile Intensive-care Rescue Facility (MIRF).


These products are the result of a significant amount of R&D activity over a number of years and the build of a number of scale models and prototypes.

The MIRF is a portable, self-contained suite of intensive-care medical equipment housed in a carbon fibre case that is used to transport people requiring monitoring and resuscitation over short or long distances.


It has been cleared for use in aircraft by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) via an extensive and detailed design and development programme, including electromagnetic interference (EMI/EMC), structural loading, patient restraint, fire retardancy and many more. It has its own internal battery supply for back-up of the medical equipment batteries, as well as an internal oxygen system.


While designed to operate on a stand-alone basis, the MIRF is also capable of accepting external power and oxygen when operating in an aircraft, ship, vehicle or building. The power system can accept both ac and dc supply over a wide range of frequencies.

The uniqueness of the technology has been recognised internationally by the granting of patents in both Australia and the USA. The adaptability and flexibility of the MIRF in use makes it ideal for a significant number of scenarios including retrieval from remote sites for mining, vehicle, hiking or other accidents, temporary intensive-care hospital capability, transfer from overseas by air, ship-to-shore transfers from luxury cruise ships for accident or sickness.

The MIRF has been sold in limited numbers to the Australian Defence Force, the Singaporean Air force, the US Army and some commercial companies. It received the Australian Defence Force Quality and Achievement Award for all contracts under $25M.

That's why we can take your idea and develop it to its fullest potential. We are proud of our history and we are excited about the future for composite fibre technology and construction.

Doesn't your idea deserve to have this sort of advantage?


Better Advanced Composites...  just better!

Privacy Policy:

BAC Technologies Pty Ltd values the privacy of our users. Therefore, this privacy policy explains in detail how we use and protect the information we collect when you visit our website, as well as our social media and Youtube Channels.


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Information Disclosure


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You may also opt-out of emails and other correspondences from our site at any time.


Queensland’s Privacy Rights Enumerate your state’s privacy codes and any permits, legal age limits, or associated information necessary for people in your specific jurisdiction.


Contact Us If you have questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at: BAC Technologies Pty Ltd, 9 Production Court, Wilsonton Queensland, 4350. Phone 07 46 33 1856. 


The BAC GROUP specialises in the design, development, manufacture and service of advanced composite material products and tooling for commercial and Defence industry purposes and medical retrieval equipment.

The critical nature of the majority of the Company's products demands that particular emphasis is placed on safety, reliability and quality of design.


The Company Quality Management policy is to produce only those products that meet Customer expectations and contract requirements. Additionally, BAC is driven, not only make quality products, but also to focus on economic cost to the customer.

The Company Quality Management System is designed to be fully compliant to the requirements of Australian Standard AS ISO 9001 :2015 with some additional elements. The policy ensures that all quality requirements are recognised and that consistent control produces uniform products and customer satisfaction.

The Company also recognises that Product and Profit are not the only important aspects of business. Quality is a Company-wide effort and the third 'P' i s people. Our people, are encouraged and educated to take much of the responsibility for the quality of their own work.


Control is achieved by the adherence of Company personnel to documented procedures covering all Company operations and by the independent authority of the Quality Department. This department monitors the application of the Quality Management System through systematic surveillance and auditing of those Company operations.


Staff and suppliers are encouraged to provide feedback on manufacturing practices that may have an impact on the performance of our product.


All staff have formal opportunities to give input on any aspect of the organization through regular Staff-Toolbox and Management Meetings.

Quality Objectives have been established in the companies quality manual and will be measured for reporting at Management Review Meetings.

The Quality Management System is not static. Continual review will bring about continual improvement.


It is the stated goal of all Company Management and Personnel to "produce it right, first time, every time".

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