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Engineered for composite excellence

Full service composite structural engineering 

At B.A.C. we fully understand latest processes, techniques, and materials and we apply that knowledge to your intellectual property to deliver the optimal performance, whilst accounting for product volume and your budget considerations.


Whether it be starting from a hand sketch, reverse engineering, or an existing CAD model we are able to take refine the design, build test models and measure options to arrive at the ultimate specification for your application.


Our engineers utilise the latest in CAD surface and solid modelling tools and after prototyping can FEA test the modelling in real life situations. This is especially the case with our core focuses of composite fibre bridges, decking and pilons.

That discovery combined with literally decades of experience enables us to supply full working drawings and work instructions.

Our staff are comfortable working as part of large intricate design teams as demonstrated on projects such as the Collins Class Submarines.


Project teams consisting of specialist staff can be formed for individual contracts if required.

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