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Privacy Policy:

BAC Technologies Pty Ltd values the privacy of our clients and site visitors. Therefore, this privacy policy explains in detail how we use and protect the information we collect when you visit our website. The essential tennants of this policy also extend to our social media and Youtube Channels... or any other point of contact including face to face meetings, phone calls and emails where it applies.


Please read this website privacy policy completely however and refrain from visiting our website if the terms outlined below are not satisfactory to you.


We reserve the right to change this policy at any time and will list these changes in the updates section of the policy. By reading this notice and visiting our website, you agree that you understand that our clients, customers, staff or suppliers will not be personally notified when or if this policy changes.


Therefore, we advise you to frequently review our privacy policy so that you remain aware of its updates. By using the site, you accept that the posted policy and all its changes apply to your interaction with BAC technologies Pty Ltd. 


Information Collected by BAC Technologies Pty Ltd including personal information may be collected by this site in many ways.


This information includes:

1. Personal identifying information like your name, address, email, phone number, age, gender, and other personal data

2. Server data related to the IP address you used to visit our digital properties, which includes your address, browser, OS, access time, and site activity.

3. Financial information related to your orders including your payment method and identifying payment information. We do not however store financial information collected on our site for transaction purposes. That information gets processed directly to the payment gateway/processor.

4. Social network data including Facebook permissions and user information from other networks, if you should you log onto our site using any of these media sites.

5. Mobile device information such as your device ID, model, and location, if you use our site by accessing it through any mobile app.


How We Use This Information Our website uses information collected to:

• Manage your account information

• Customize ads

• Deliver promotions

• Email your account confirmation

• Manage purchases and payments

• Increase site efficiency

• Notify you of updates

• Offer new products

• Monitor and prevent theft

• Request your customer feedback

• Resolve account disputes

• Respond to your service requests

• Any other purposes that are legal 


Information Disclosure


Normally, your information stays on our site. However, below we have listed the situations that may require us to share the information we collect from you:


• When required by law, such as for fraud protection

• With our third-party providers for payment processing and hosting

With your specific and tailored consent for marketing purposes

• When you post comments on the site

Cookies, Trackers, and Online Ads


We may use cookies, trackers, web beacons, and other A.I. technology to customize our website, usually with the intent to improve your experience. We may then customize the site using this information. These trackers do not have access to your personal information and can be removed from your browser in its security management options.


In addition, third-party software sometimes provides ads for our site for marketing campaigns. These programs have access to tracking technology to optimize your ad experience.


Website analytics such as through Google may also be used to track users and remarket our website. We do not give these vendors access to your personal information.


Other Sites


Our website may contain links to third-party websites in the form of information, data feeds, compliance policies, affiliate ads, and other non-affiliated links.


Once you leave our site, we are no longer responsible for how your information is collected and disclosed.


We take all reasonable technical and administrative precautions to protect your data from misuse, however we cannot guarantee its safety against all types of fraud or misuse. If you provide personal information, we cannot verify its total security against all and every types of interception as these threats are constantly evolving. We retain external auditing services to inform and update our web code and take all steps possible, given our resourcing, to protect your data.




Some browsers offer 'Do-Not-Track' settings to prevent any information from being distributed. Since these settings have not been legally established as standard practice, we do not acknowledge these settings.


Additional Options


At any time, you may opt to review or change your account settings, including contact information. If you wish to delete your account, you may do so to remove most of your information, however, some identifying information will be retained to prevent fraud.


You may also opt-out of emails and other correspondences from our site at any time.


Queensland’s Privacy Rights Enumerate your state’s privacy codes and any permits, legal age limits, or associated information necessary for people in your specific jurisdiction.


Contact Us If you have questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at:


BAC Technologies Pty Ltd,

9 Production Court,

Wilsonton Queensland, 4350.


Phone 07 46 33 1856


BAC GROUP specialises in the design, development, manufacture and service of advanced composite material products and tooling for commercial and Defence industry purposes and medical retrieval equipment.

The critical nature of the majority of the Company's products demands that particular emphasis is placed on safety, reliability and quality of design. Because of this demand, the Company Quality Management policy, as outlined in this Quality Manual, is to produce only those products that meet Customer expectations and contract requirements for quality products with added focus on economic cost to the customer and to the Company.

The Company Quality Management System is designed to be fully compliant to the requirements of Australian Standard AS ISO 9001:2015 with some additional elements. The policy ensures that all quality requirements are recognised and that consistent control produces uniform products and customer satisfaction.

The Company also recognises that Product and Profit are not the only important aspects of business. Quality is a Company-wide effort and the third 'P', People, are encouraged and educated to take much of the responsibility for the quality of their own work.


Control is achieved by the adherence of Company personnel to documented procedures covering all Company operations and by the independent authority of the Quality Department, which monitors the application of the Quality Management System through systematic surveillance and auditing of those Company operations. Staff and suppliers are encouraged to provide feedback on manufacturing practices that may have an impact on the performance of our product. All staff have formal opportunities to give input on any aspect of the organization through regular Staff-Toolbox and Management Meetings.

Quality Objectives have been established in our Quality Manual, and will be measured for reporting at Management Review Meetings. 

The Quality Management System is not static. Continual review will bring about continual improvement. It is the stated goal of all Company Management and Personnel to "produce it right, first time, every time". 

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