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Fibre Composite Deck System

B.A.C. Technologies has recently completed the design, manufacture, and certification of a one-piece fibre composite (FC) decking panel system.


This system can accommodate both pedestrian loads of 5kPa as well as vehicles up to 6,100kgs currently, on variable support centres. The panels have our in-house designed anti-slip coating that has exceeded the requirements of ASNZS 4663:2004, with the lowest possible contribution to the risk of slipping when wet as defined by the standard. 

The properties of the Pedestrian Decking Panel system are:

  1. Thickness – nominally 28-30mm for 5kPa and 1000mm centres and 20mm for 600mm centres, including our anti-slip coating 

  2. Weight - approximately 20kgs/m2 for 1000mm centres and 15 kgs/m2 for 600mm centres. 

  3. Panel Size – Up to 16 metres x 3 metres in a single piece. Standard panels nominally 2000 x 600mm. 


Being a light-weight, integral structure, installation costs and site work are significantly reduced, allowing rapid installation by the use of adhesives (recommended) or mechanical attachment. 

The benefits of BAC’s design include:

  • Low weight 

  • Corrosion resistant 

  • High strength to weight ratio 

  • UV resistant 

  • Pest/vermin resistant 

  • Expected service life of 75+ years 

  • Low Maintenance requirements 

  • Excellent anti-slip coating 

A single FutreDeck panel with anti slip surface



The fibre composite bridge structures and decks are made as a single, integral part using a state-of-the-art resin infusion process. This process is fast, reliable and largely reduces carbon emissions and avoids the use of bonded joints. Our technicians are trade qualified, suitably supervised and products undergo checks in accordance with ISO9001 Quality systems. 

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