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Putting a protective jacket around the past... to guarantee its future!

The BAC ‘Future’ Rehab System is an advanced fibre composite - pre fabricated 
interlocking system of piles & pile jackets... plus advanced fibre composite girders & braces, beams, corbels & decking that rehabilitates bridges, wharves, walkways & viewing platforms, and without ever taking the vital infrastructure out of service. 

Requiring no heavy lifting equipment & much less manpower, this rehabilitation process does more than just protect legacy steel, concrete or hardwood timber structures.


The Future system is a proprietary ‘splinted in place’ solution to restore steel, concrete & timber piles, back to original specs & whilst also stopping future degradation. 

This is achieved with maximised strength/stiffness to weight ratios & impact performance, whilst also being resistant to corrosion, tidal erosion, marine borer pests & UV degradation.


This unique product design & installation workflow is faster & easier for contractors, creating a complete elimination of air & water from the annulus void. 

The FutureJacketTM system utilises composite threaded rods that are drilled through the timber horizontally to provide maximised shear load transfer. 

Using threaded rods through the existing pile timber also ensures a pre-load.


This prevents the jacket ever working loose & thereby permitting water & oxygen ingress which promotes further decay.


The FuturePileTM jackets, as with all other components are manufactured using BAC’s own proprietary resin infusion 


This process maximises the structural properties of the jacket.


It also delivers product consistency, whilst minimising weight - as compared to any 
other composite f
ibre manufacturing technique. 

Finished FutureJacket installed under a working container port

Installation is easier!

Hand tools are all that is required to install FutureJackets under working container port

Requiring no jacking of the infrastructure, rehabilitation can be effected without any interuption to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Available in either 4 metre (60kg), or 5.5 metre (83Kg) length, jackets are very easily installed using hand tools from a floating work platform - under the working bridge or wharf structure.

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