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A winning solution doesn't just happen...


Our aim is simply to increase the underlying benefits of your innovation... to capitalise on the inherent characteristics of composite fibre technology in your application.
  • weight reduction
  • increased life through fatigue management
  • corrosion resistance
  • higher stiffness
  • strength


At B.A.C. we utilise the latest processes, techniques, and materials to optimise a product’s performance, whilst accounting for product volume and budget considerations.


Whether it be starting from a hand sketch, reverse engineering, or an existing CAD model we are able to take a concept right through to the finished product.

We are able to custom make tooling (jigs and fixtures) and conduct testing to meet the required specification for each individual product.


At BAC our engineering, design an technical team utilise the latest in CAD surface and solid modelling tools. Then technical and production teams (Engineering, Pattern Making, Moulding and Manufacturing) bring their incredible depth of experience and skill to your project. Its a clever synergy of art and science. The 'look' or eye appeal is married to the real world characteristics of the process to create both an appealing design with all the right characteristics to remain that way over the longest life.


Our processes combined with years of experience enable us to supply full working drawings and work instructions (all in house) and that more than anything represents your equity and value to your stakeholders.

Our staff are comfortable working as part of large intricate design teams as demonstrated on projects such as the Collins Class Submarines.


Project teams consisting of specialist staff can be formed for individual contracts if required.

At BAC we pride ourselves in offering professional services for all your:


  • CAD Modelling

  • CNC, Tooling

  • Mold making

  • Composite part manufacturing requirements

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