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Space age connections for vital, resilient island communities

BAC FutureJetty Installation

As large form hardwood is becoming more difficult to access, engineers are looking for innovative alternatives such as Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP), also known as Fibre Composite (FC).

In recent years BAC has been developing fibre composite jetties and bridges as well as  walkways.


  • The benefits of BAC’s designs include: 

    • Low weight 

    • Corrosion resistant 

    • High strength to weight ratio 

    • UV resistant 

    • Pest/vermin resistant 

    • Expected service life of 75+ years 

    • Low Maintenance requirements 



The jetties and bridges are designed in accordance to Australian Standards AS510.9 (Bridge Design) and AS 1720 (Timber Structures) as well as Aust-roads guide to Road design and European FRP Structural Design. First principal analysis is then used and finally all BAC designs are independently validated and certified by CPEng/RPEQ engineers - as required.


Our structure consists of beams, cross beams and decking made as one structure.


We design around innovative materials that have been adapted specifically for these jetty and  bridge applications.


Finite element analysis has been conducted on the designs and delivered very good correlation in stresses and deflections to BAC’s software. 


The fibre composite jetties and bridge structures and decks are made as a single, integral part using a state-of-the-art resin infusion process.


This process is fast, reliable and largely reduces carbon emissions and avoids the use of bonded joints.


Our technicians are  very experienced and highly qualified and products undergo checks in accordance with ISO9001 Quality systems.

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