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Fibre Composite pile joiner - old to new or new to new

H-Connector Pile Replacement

As a part of the system, BAC has designed, engineered and patented a method of pile replacement that allows the deteriorated upper portion of a pile in an existing bridge or pier to be replaced with a FC section, without the need to remove or modify the bridge superstructure.


With traditional piling materials the above-ground portion is susceptible to damage, attack from vermin, weathering and deterioration, which could lead to the foundation being unserviceable, however often the lower portion of the pile remains in good condition.


The FuturePile H-Connector method allows the upper portion of a pile to be replaced by a fully structurally capable FC pile section with minimal effort.

The process involves:

  • Identifying the serviceable section of the existing pile and removing the upper portion

  • Locating a FC H-Connector on the pile stump

  • Inserting the FC FuturePile section into the H-Connector

  • Jacking the pile to the underside of the headstock

  • Injection of epoxy grout or other fasteners to complete the installation.

The reduction of site work associated with the process greatly increases the cost effectiveness of pile rehabilitation.


Utilising the ability to have each pile custom fabricated to suit a particular application allows for much reduced installation costs and therefore lower life cycle costs.

Production The fibre composite bridge structures and decks are made as a single, integral part using a state-of-the-art resin infusion process. This process is fast, reliable and largely reduces carbon emissions and avoids the use of bonded joints. Our technicians are trade qualified, suitably supervised and products undergo checks in accordance with ISO9001 Quality systems. 

BAC FutureJoint ready for shipment
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