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Fibre Composite Beam System - Girders & Corbels

BAC has designed and manufactured FC girders (FutureBeam®) and corbels that can be conveniently inserted from beneath the bridge allowing minimal impact to vehicular and pedestrian operations.


The FutureBridge® girders are designed to provide equivalent bending rigidity to a new timber girder and are slim enough to fit between existing girders to greatly reduce the cost associated with removing the unserviceable timber girders.


The benefits of FutureBridge® FC materials provide a long lasting repair that is significantly lighter then the conventional alternatives (steel, concrete or timber) with a ten-metre span weighing just 550kg... easy to be handled into place with minimal equipment.

Production The fibre composite bridge structures and decks are made as a single, integral part using a state-of-the-art resin infusion process. This process is fast, reliable and largely reduces carbon emissions and avoids the use of bonded joints. Our technicians are trade qualified, suitably supervised and products undergo checks in accordance with ISO9001 Quality systems. 

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