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CNC Plug Machining Time Lapse
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Curves... Its all about the curves!

No longer must your design ideas be constrained by straight lines and right angle joints. With the advent of advanced composites, we can craft almost any shape or form factor.

Strength is introduced to the design and crafted into the manufacture, layer by layer, and bias by bias, but only where it is needed, and transfers loads dynamically as loads shift during operation.

Talk to BAC Technologies about any of your nagging or latent ideas.


We almost certainly have the resources and skills to take that creative itch and scratch it for you.


Engineer Design

After a one hour free on-line preliminary consultation, and if the project is a win/win, BAC advanced composite engineers and technicians will develop the design of production 3D CNC files. Once these are approved, by you they are able to proceed to the production floor. 


Plug Machining 

Your 3D CNC files are used to machine from high density craftwood or specialised machining foam, a plug.

This plug is the exact shape of your end product and you will again be asked to approve the plug before it proceeds to the mould shop.


Mould Finishing

From your approved plug, a set of production ready moulds are developed.

Finished with a high quality tooling gelcoat, these moulds will be used to manufacture many advanced composite fibre units ready for your finishing and fitting. 

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