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Composite Fibre Design Solutions, Fibreglass Construction, Composite Fibre Bridges, decking & Piles.



The FutureBeam girders are designed to provide equivalent bending rigidity to a new timber girder and are slim enough to fit between existing girders to greatly reduce the cost associated with removing the un-serviceable timber girders.



FuturePile is a cylindrical pipe pile designed to be a direct replacement for traditional piling materials and techniques, and can be incorporated into pile repair activities with minimal disruption to the usage of the bridge or jetty/pier asset.



FutureDeck a one-piece fibre composite (FC) decking panel system.


This creatres a light-weight, integral structure with much reduces installation costs and site work. 

This system can accommodate both pedestrian loads of 5kPa as well as vehicles up to 6,100kgs currently, on variable support centres.

Installation 005 E.jpg


FutureBridge is a composite fibre bridge structure where the beams, cross beams and decking are made as a single, integral part using a state-of-the-art resin infusion process.

A complete bridge is installed with little to no interruption to traffic access and will last longer than timber.​

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