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At BAC our advanced composite manufacturing utilises the latest processes, techniques, and materials to optimise a product’s performance, whilst accounting for product volume and budget considerations. Whether it be starting from at hand sketch, reverse engineering, or an existing CAD model we are able to take a concept right through to the finished product.

We aim to increase benefits of any product no matter if it's weight reduction, increased life through fatigue improvement, corrosion resistance, high stiffness or strength. We are able to custom make tooling (jigs and fixtures) and conduct testing to meet the required specification for each individual product.


Manufacturing Processes used at BAC

  • Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion Process (similar to VARTM) (High performance and light weight)

  • Vacuum Bagging - Using Prepregs (High performance and light weight)

  • Sandwich Panel Construction (For light weight and stiffness)

  • Spray Up and Hand Layup

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