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Architectural Structures... Eye Candy for your masterpieces.

The Problem

With the increasing desire and need to improve the energy ratings of buildings, and to enhance their physical appearance, architects are having to work out how structures can be designed and/or fixed to existing and new buildings without adding significant weight, or needing to incorporate expensive attachment arrangements.

The Solution

BAC Advanced Composites Technologies utilised its 3D design and CNC milling machines to manufacture a series of moulds to build modular Fibre Composite (FC) sunshades that are light-weight, corrosion resistant and insulated to provide insulation to all the windows on the building. The sunshades are up to 7 metres long and high, and are designed for easy attachment to the building. Colour matching to the existing paint scheme was easily incorporated and the results look spectacular.

This approach can be adapted to provide any size of panel or structure for a cost-effective and long-lasting improvement to building designs. The FC materials allow for minimal maintenance and long life structures

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