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Space Age Pedestrian Bridges... Anything but pedestrian!


BAC Technologies have in recent years completed the design, manufacture, certification and installation of numerous, one-piece fibre composite pedestrian bridges ranging from 10-14.5m in length as well as several multi-span bridges. The fundamental design utilises BAC’s state-of-the-art resin infusion process in addition to leading edge FC manufacturing techniques. Bridge features such as aesthetic nature, colour, balustrading, and sizing, can be altered to suit the client’s wishes or requirements without requiring major redesign of the structural component of the bridge.


Being a light-weight, integral structure; installation costs and site works are significantly reduced, allowing the bridge system to be installed in less than a day onto existing abutments. The bridge and handrail system is manufactured in BAC’s Toowoomba factory and trucked as a single unit to the desired location ready for installation.


The major benefits of BAC’s design include;

- Low weight

- Easy/low cost installation

- Corrosion resistant

- High strength to weight ratio

- UV/fire resistant (if requested)

- Pest/vermin resistant

- Expected service life of 100+ years

- Low maintenance requirements

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